Corpse Farmer; An Overview

Following our origin story from the previous post, here’s a quick overview of Corpse Farmer.

Like any young industrial power, the coal-choked town of Brackenhorne bloats with riches. But under its veneer festers hell; amidst inhumane conditions and merciless overseers, workers swarm the factories to earn the Groats they need to survive. The figurative storm of high worker supply and mortality leaves mountains of real bodies, fertile ground for Corpse Farming.

For those with the stomach, ruthlessness, and closet space for this burgeoning profession, the Groats flow deeper than a Stygian river- if you can outwit the long arm of the law, or the teeth of your competition.

The Cast


Corpse Farmer contains Corpse Farmers, Buyers, and Corpses. You play as a Corpse Farmer, choosing from the strengths, weaknesses, and personalities that best encompass your entrepreneurial spirit.

Your objective is simple enough:

  • dig up Corpses
  • sell them to Buyers
  • and earn the most Groats.

Of course, simple doesn’t mean easy- try digging six feet under and dragging up a corpse*. Corpses have their own surprises, from pleasant ones like nothing, to unpleasant ones like contagious curses, contaminated corpses, and alliteration. Buyers in turn have.. discerning tastes, and you’ll need to ensure that your inventory suites their interests. Beyond that, it’s smooth sai-


Beyond that, it gets complex. Corpses ripen, closets (or basements) get full, and neighbors get suspicious. If your corpses rot or your storage overflows, you’ll pay more than those arms and legs are worth. Keep a healthy stock of spoiling flesh without raising a stink or showing too much skin- the authorities (and your competition) might take special interest in your success.

Tools of the Trade


If Caesar taught us anything, a room of armed people results in at least one getting stabbed. Purchase Upgrade Cards, and you’ll be able to help yourself and cripple the competition- of course, so will they. Keep your cards close and your enemies at knifepoint.

So what do you think of the concept? Are you a fan of the dark content or should we stick to our day jobs? Please tell us your thoughts, criticisms, or strange dreams in the comments below. Stay tuned as we delve into the nitty gritty of Corpse Farmer mechanics, and keep on diggin’!

* The acts you mimic in this board game are made up by semi-professionals. Please don’t try this at home.